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    Trunk Closre

    Hello everyone, I'm a new owner and like most, I suspect, I have some questions about my car. Of immediate concern is it seems to me that my trunk lid is too hard to shut. Do the struts normally have such a strong spring load (spring, rubber, gas?) when the trunk lid is about 2" from shutting? I realize they're designed to pop it open but it just seems like way too much force to shut it. And no, there is nothing else in the way. The force is such that the left side in particular of my lid stands a bit up from the true shut line, the force of the strut is holding it up.
    Common issue or some sort of strut failure?
    Regards, Doug

    I erroneously first started this as a thread in the members section and realized it really belonged here, sorry for the double post.

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    Welcome to the Z8 Forum, Bruakeman. I can only tell you how my trunk lid closes, others may experience something different. First of all, I replaced my trunk lid struts two and a half years ago when I got my car as the old ones would not hold the lid open. When closing my trunk lid, I can drop it from the open position and it will close to within about 1/2" from being fully shut and latched. I then apply a degree of pressure to the lid (typically pressing against the BMW roundel) to make it latch. I can't tell you exactly how many pounds of pressure I exert to get it secured, but it is not anything that I would consider excessive. It sounds to me like you have something going on out of the ordinary.

    Perhaps as an experiment you might try disconnecting the struts, one at a time starting with the left side, and see what happens.

    Good luck!


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    Thanks for the welcome and relating your experience. In fact I had just done what you were suggesting and there is something not right with the left strut. Hard to imagine what it could be. But, no damage done, just need to replace it, or the pair probably. Just wish everything was so simple.
    Thanks, Doug

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    The struts are relatively inexpensive, and also give out within about 5-7 years on average, so they are an often replaced item.
    Andrew Macpherson

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