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Thread: Storage of the tonneau cover

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    Storage of the tonneau cover

    Hi all,
    What's the consensus about storing the tonneau when the soft top is up. It seems to me that folding it in it's sleeve will eventually cause the leather to crack. What are the alternatives. Great driving in the NC evenings this time of year! Thanks,-Paul
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    I use it very often and maintain it very well. So I don't mind storing it now and than in the sleeve. But if you never use it I would store unfolded.
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    I keep mine unfolded and treated with leather food all the time, except for those rare moments when it's folded up in the trunk while on a drive.
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    Thanks guys. While I had the Griot's leather treatment out, I did the whole interior. Win-win!
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    Mine does not show any ill effects from being folded and stored. It did not fit well when I first got the car so I set it aside. It was not until I had the top re-strung that I realized that tonneau fit again and I am using it regularly now. Still looks new. I should probably treat it this weekend.

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    I believe the tonneau cover of my silver car had never been removed from its bag until I bought the car last year. Luckily it was properly stored and the leather did not show any damage other than wrinkles where it was folded. They stretched out relatively quickly. In my opinion this is testimony to the high quality of leather BMW used for the Z8.

    Applying a high quality leather conditioner periodically is definitely a good idea. However, folding the tonneau cover back into its bag right after conditioning may backfire on you. I would keep the cover out and unfolded for 3 to 5 days depending on the conditioner to make sure it has been absorbed and the remainder of it has completely evaporated from the leather surface. Otherwise the leather my stain or stick together in these spots.
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