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Thread: Some help with Headlight bulb

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    Some help with Headlight bulb

    Hi folks, last night the Mrs and I went out for dinner and noticed the outer headlight bulb on the passenger side seems to be out. Can the bulb itself just be replaced (and is it an easy DIY) or does the whole headlamp unit need to be replaced? Tried doing some searching but most post seem to be about replacing the whole headlamp unit itself. If its just the bulb that would great. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also if the bulb itself can just be replaced can someone point me to the OEM part number. I didnt really want my first post to be with a problem, but c'est la vie. I will add my "z8 story" to the registry soon!!!

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    Thanks for the part number. Can anyone guide me through at to how to get the old low beam bulb out? I took a pick of what i see behind the rubber gasket behind the headlamp unit. I can't tell of it just pops out, unscrews, unclips, or none of the above. It looks like the back is clipped to the red and might just need the red tabs to be lifted but i want to be 100% sure of that. Again any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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