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Thread: so what problems have you had so far?

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    so what problems have you had so far?

    In the 6 months that I have had the car, I have experienced (and mostly fixed):

    broken soft top strings,
    broken hard top plastic caps,
    foggy lamps,
    sticky heater valve,
    radio possessed by poltergeists,
    intermittent starter problem (may have been a bad battery connnection),
    intermittent soft top latching problem (only happened once)
    broken seat hook,
    and now...delaminating dash.

    I haven't yet used the AC on a humid day and I thankfully installed the performance package before any problems with the frame.

    It's incredible how all Z8s seem to have these problems

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    77715 (2001-2004)
    *Vanos sensor died
    *Rear window bead came unglued

    60789 (2005-2006)
    *Shock tower & frame damage
    *Fogged headlights
    *Rear indicator failed
    *Aluminum facia on dash fell off
    *Rear window bead came unglued

    61888 (2003 - present)
    *Fogged headlights
    *Rear window bead came unglued
    *Trunk lids struts failed

    62067 (2008 - 2010)
    *Fogged headlights
    Andrew Macpherson

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    60116 (2000-2010)
    * Phone system discharging battery
    * Various other dead batteries from not using a tender
    * Center stack replaced under warranty after it croaked
    * CD player for Nav system replaced after it ate a CD (never got the CD back from the dealer)
    * Under-hood light bulb fell out! (left side of car)
    * Light for fuel gauge is intermittent
    * Starter motor replaced for starter motor click
    * Still have starter motor click...
    * Strange thump from front left of car coming out of slow corners. It seems something was loose in the suspension on that side after a service

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    Tom, your trunk struts are fine?

    Andrew... time for a pole of all known issues?

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    60936 (2007-2010) 17k to 23k
    Pre purchase problems:
    * Soft top strings detached, caught before hole worked thru
    * Rear window fogging, replaced
    * Missing 3 or 4 expansion plugs on rocker, replaced
    * Rear view mirror fluid leak, replaced by BMW NA
    * Fogged headlights, not repaired
    * Shift knob and horn ring finish damage, shift knob replaced
    * Delaminated dash, removed, resecured and reinstalled
    * Seat back panel glue failure, reglued
    Post purchase
    * Exhaust cam positioning sensor, replaced
    * Leaves and debri trapped in radiator intake, removed
    * Noisy belt tensioner, replaced
    * Vibration of right side front fender trim insert when at idle, still an annoyance
    * Failure of adhesive on transmission kick panel, reglued
    * Failure of adhesive on clips holding dash side vent to dash subframe, reglued
    * Beginning failure of vinyl type paint on cupholder, visor and finish cap trim on hardtop rear pin receiver, slightly annoying
    * Finish on rear light lense irregular, Too much polishing?
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    Norcal: My trunk struts are ok - I think. At least the trunk opens smoothly

    I missed one:
    * A/C unit pees on the passenger when cornering - still getting this one, but not annoying enough to take the whole dashboard out to fix

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    Ian, I can't do a poll as I don't know exactly how many faults we've all had, but maybe I can start a list here. It seems that the most common are:

    Battery failure
    Starter click
    Radio death
    Dash delamination
    Mirror dripping
    Soft top strings snapping
    Rear window bead coming unglued
    Headlamps fogging
    Seat backs coming unglued
    Trunk struts failing
    Ignition lock failure

    The good news is we have had very few mechanical issues across the board, even with the potentially troublesome '00 car Vanos problems. It seems what gets us is mostly 'ancillary part niggles'.

    Please feel free to add to the list.
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    Thanks Andrew

    Not my car/list.. just more items

    Tail light failure (I seem to recall a few)
    Glove Box Latch
    CD changer
    AC condensation-passenger side (usually humid locations?)

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    AH60642: 2001-2010
    Internal Door pocket lids adhesive failure: Reglued with Locktite
    Intermittent Starter Click: Rotate Key to off position and back to On position, depress clutch pedal and restart
    Dash Aluminum Panel adhesive failure: Reglued
    Rear View Mirror Distortion: Replaced under BMW Goodwill
    Notchy Shifts: Cured with Royal Purple Fluids
    Clutch Failure: Replaced under BMW Goodwill

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    8-14k miles:

    Soft top strings came untied
    Soft top window unglued
    Radio cover door stuck closed
    Radio dead
    Trunk strut failure
    Left exhaust cam position sensor failure
    Right intake cam position sensor failure
    Throttle position sensor failure

    From the above lists, it looks like I can expect more things fogging up and becoming unglued...