Hi everyone,

I guess most of you know this website where you can find the reference number of any part of a BMW: http://realoem.com/bmw/partgrp.do?mo...1&mospid=47735

This site also has a full breakdown of the BMW repair manual - http://tis.spaghetticoder.org/e52/Z8_(S62)_ROADST/

But this website might interest you: http://www.online-teile.com/bmw/ All you need to do is to insert the part number in the search bar at the top of the page and you can order it from this website. You can find almost any vehicle part.

I've already ordered many parts for my Mini Cooper S: their shipping costs are reasonable and they ship pretty fast.

For instance, these are the links for the rear lights (if you want to import a US or a European Z8) : http://www.online-teile.com/bmw/adva...23523&x=14&y=9

I hope this link might help you!