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Thread: faulty heated seats

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    faulty heated seats

    Hi, I am a new member and need a bit of advice as the heated seats on my car have packed up. I have changed the large fuse behind the seat, the second fuse in the glove box is ok, but still no heat. I have not re stared the car if that might help, but any suggestions would be helpful.

    Very impressed with the helpful site, I was a little worried to see other members problems, I have been waiting for similar, however after 5000 miles have only had the roof string problem. The steering does seem to pull a lot, especially in britain (rubbish roads) but I wonder if the original bridgestones are to blame, I have another vehicle on non run flat bridgestones that do the same, but another with michelins don't!!

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    This is the first time I have heard of this issue....

    The fuses were the obvious thing to check, but it sounds like you've done that. On restarting the car check to see if both seats are out, or just one. If both seats are out then the issue must be up the line in the electrics.

    I do have a wiring diagram for the car, but it is on a PC system only disc, and I'm all Mac, so I haven't been able to do anything with it as yet, but I will try to find a way of getting it up asap.

    The tires may well be the cause of the pulling, the Bridgestones have very linear pattern, while the Michelin's rain grooves are chevroned (<<<<), so will follow deviations a bit less.
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    I used to have steering pulling problems (I blamed it on the UK roads as well) after a badly worn tyre made me insist on a Full inspection, I was told I had a bent strut! One new strut & it?s perfect now. I would keep an eye on uneven tyre ware at the front & if in doubt have the tracking & other steering bits fully checked.

    I have heard Michelin's don?t like going round corners to fast (especially in the Indianapolis Area!)