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Thread: Clutch Problems/ Roof problems

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    Angry Clutch Problems/ Roof problems

    Hi from Dubai,
    reading one of the Tech reports I see some of you have had problems with clutches, well I have just had to replace mine (and the flywheel) after 20,000kms ( 12,500 miles).

    Started slipping slightly at max revs ( Porsche hunting!!!!!), the dealer over here refused to honour the warranty and I am about to take up the fight with BMW AG.

    Any examples/reasons of the cause of this problem, plus if your dealer replaced the clutch under warranty I would REALLY appriciate if you could let me know so I can send these examples to Germany proving this dealer is ripping me off.

    Also car is in the dealer having its SECOND new roof fitted after the fabric started pulling away from the top of the rear window again, I guess this must be a design fault? The car VERY really has the roof up and lives IN my bar which of course is A/C'd
    Any other examples of this problem shown itself Stateside?

    Apart from these "minor" items, this is by far the best car in the world!!
    Marty Hoyle

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    top problem pulling away from window is common, I had mine re-glued and now it is seperating again, so a design flaw for sure.

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    My clutch started slipping at about 11,000 mi. I was Z06 hunting. I really should have "lifted" before hitting third gear. The clutch just never hooked up. It was rough for a few days but has since seemed OK, or perhaps I'm beeing kinder to it. One suspected cause is the CDV (check elsewhere on this site for more info)

    My top was coming apart at the top of the rear window as well (around 11,000 mi) I too rarely put it up, perhaps five or six times in 3 years. I took it in and the dealer repaired it, the following week the problem came back. Ineed to take it in again. I do wish BMW would replace the top, not repair it, as I fear this may be an ongoing problem after the warranty is up.

    This is a well known problem, but I have yet to hear about a top being replaced rather than repaired.

    Good luck, keep us posted

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    Angry clutch/roof problems

    Car has just come back after roof being replaced for the second time within twelve months.
    This is a design fault and BMW know it. It appears (or so I have been told) that you have to give the dealer three attempts to fix it himself, then if pushed hard BMW will agree to replace the whole thing. So all you guys with the same problem I advise to get to the dealers before your warranty runs out. The "simple" solution is for BMW to increase the width of the window surround that actually holds the fabric as a retro fit. But now the car is out of production I doubt they will bother.

    I am meeting with a rep from BMW Middle East to talk about this (and the clutch), and one of the questions is that if it IS a design fault will they do repairs after the warranty has expired.

    Re the Clutch and flywheel still fighting for a rebate, and again if any of you have had to replace a clutch at a low mileage let me know.

    All the best from Sunny Dubai
    Marty Hoyle

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    The CDV design is the main issue....

    It is covered at length elsewhere, but what it does in effect is restrict the flow of the hydraulic fluid in the clutch system, making for a forced slow engagement, which in turn causes the plates to wear quickly, especially with enthusiastic driving.

    You can remove the valve, it is the nut at the junction of the fluid pipe and the gearbox, and drill out the restrictor. This will make a big difference in the way your gears engage, and really crisped up the feel of the car.

    Here in the US BMW run a two driving school for owners, (Drives, Trips and Events > Z8 Driving Experience) and the cars there are constantly loosing their clutches. They say that they replace a clutch each month on the cars they use there, so it is a widely known issue. You have done well to have your clutch last so long.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    window adhesive

    I've replaced my rear window two times and no problems since then. I am posting the instructions and illustrations . In order not to have any problems in the future you have to use the original adhesive which is sold seperately at local BMW dealer. Its Terokal and part number is: 83190153050

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    To Zed8,
    Though a benefit to all members I really appriciate the detailed 'fix' for the rear window.
    Guess I will need it when the car runs out of warranty next year!!

    Anyway hardtop on now and shes ready to go into her box for the long trip to Italy/France

    all the best from sunny Dubai
    Marty Hoyle

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    I noticed your comment about the roof. Same thing has happened to my 2003 Z-8 Alpina.

    Wish someone made a roof with less wind noise and a better back window.