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Thread: Changes to programming

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    Changes to programming


    I recently acquired a Z8 and have been absolutely loving it! As I figure out the intricacies of the car, a few questions have arisen. They mainly deal with the different programmable elements of the car - i.e. those that need to be done by the dealership. Does anyone know of a list somewhere that details what they are? As well, I know on my Audi there is a cable that one can buy to change them... is there such a thing on this car?

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    I think everything on the Z8 is OBD ll compliant, and the only tuning house who've done software changes that I'd trust are Dinan.
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    If your referring to programming the alarm, door locks, etc page 49 (excerpt below) of the owners manual has a partial list of dealer programmable functions. My car had the headlight programmed to come on at all times, which I changed after I took ownership.

    Vehicle Memory, Key Memory

    What the system can do
    No doubt you have reflected at one time or another on how great it would be if you could permanently configure your vehicle's various features and adjustments to mirror your own indi- vidual preferences. In developing the Z8, BMW has incorporated a number of options for personal adjustment that can be programmed into your vehicle by your BMW center.
    Your BMW center can provide you with details on the capabilities of the Vehicle Memory and Key Memory systems. Below a few examples:
    The available configuration data fall into two categories, according to whether their primary orientation is the vehicle Vehicle Memory or the individual Key Memory. Provided that each person has a separate remote-control key, you can have your BMW center enter adjustment data for as many as four different individuals into the system.
    > Deactivate/activate the Follow me home lamps function, refer to page 69.
    The system then relies on a bilateral data exchange to identify the individual user and dial in the selected settings whenever the remote-control unit is used to disengage the door locks.
    Owner's Manual you will find this symbol, indicating that the equipment or system described in the adjacent section can be preset for automatic adjustment using the Vehicle or Key Memory.<
    A Vehicle Memory sampler:
    > Different signals as acknowledge- ment for locking/unlocking of the vehicle, refer to pages 32, 34
    A Key Memory sampler:
    > Locking vehicle after driving off, refer to page 36.
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