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Thread: Greenwich Concours 2014- Sony RX10

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    Greenwich Concours 2014- Sony RX10

    I decided to combine the features of my old Canon cam-corder (1080P), and the Panny GX1 Micro 4:3 mirror less camera.

    I am really impressed with what Sony is up to lately. Although this camera has a smaller sensor than the M4:3, the 28-200 lens is a good "walk around" range and the whole unit is no larger than the Panny and now I have that and the video in one. It seems the video part of the equation is tricky- it doesn't always benefit from the larger pro still camera sensors. And it seems Sony really nailed the video with this camera. Although I like to experiment with stills, my videos are 99.9% just family movies.

    Most of these were shot in Aperture priority mode, f8.0 (which is about as closed down as I think this lens and sensor want to go), auto ISO which stayed at 125 and the shutter usually fired around 1/125 or so, and the camera often used its HDR mode. I also used a Hoya circular polarizer. The polarizer really helps make it easy to take pictures of shiny objects in direct sunlight and the HDR helps bring out some of the shadow details that usually get reduced when you use a polarizer. Overall I am very pleased with the results!

    One other nice thing about this camera is you can stay at f2.8 across the whole zoom range. Of course 2.8 on this won't create as shallow a depth of field as you would get on a full frame- its more like what you get with f4 or so on a full frame. Still, its pretty sweet!

    One list thing, there is very little PS editing going on with these- maybe a little cropping and resizing them for the 1200 res of the website and a little bit of sharpening. I could get these results and maybe a little better with my SLR and RAW files (these were shot JPEG extra fine), but the thing here is.... I more or less used this in a quick, hand held, point and shoot way, dealing with the crowds and bending around the ropes etc. I really like this camera!

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    What an amazing collection of cars, so many stunners, but the 250 California really just jump out as being one of the most perfect looking cars ever.

    The quality of the images is awesome, especially considering the nightmare of midday mid-summer sun! Whatever the auto HDR is doing, it's doing it very well. I'd love to see how the circular polarizer works with the camera, can you do an iPhone snap of it so I can see it attached?
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Thanks Andrew- I agree- the California is a real masterpiece for Ferrari. This 250 was not in anything resembling concours shape; maybe its all original- I'm not sure. But it was a treat to see it just the same...

    I agree the images came out great. I'll post up some images I took last year with my D4, 24-70mm lens and circular polarizer but no HDR. Lets compare.....

    First though are shots of the camera with a UV filter and then with the circular polarizer... (courtesy of my iPhone 5S and its flash)

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    Hah, silly me, I was thinking you'd bought the RX100 mk3, but seeing the camera I see my mistake! 😜
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Nikon D4, 24-70 lens most at 24mm, f11, ISO 200-400, usually 1/250 or so

    These were shot RAW, circular polarizer, no HDR...

    It really seems to me that its real close and sometimes one is better and other times its the other. I think for casual shooting its really hard to beat this RX10, especially if you have even a rudimentary understanding of photographic principles. The colors seem more vibrant with the Sony....

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    Ah ha- it would be quite a trick to fit a filter on one of those. I will probably get a MK3 but Im in no rush to do so. The RX10 replaces my micro 4/3 camera and my cam corder all in one. So its still not pocketable like the RX100 but it is much smaller than the D4 which I save for special occasions. I honestly think most people could just get this RX10 and forget the rest. The one thing the polarizers do which I don't love when I really try to reduce glare, they also mute the sky a bit.

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    I've noticed that the jpgs from the RX1 knock the socks off the D800's when I'm doing runaround snaps, it's only when I process out the Raws the D800 shows it's superiority.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    A bunch of us were debating whether to shoot the RX10 in RAW and after a bunch of test shots we concluded that Sonys extra fine JPEG mode is better probably because it has processing that corrects for the lens and also probably other processing that really does add some extra special sauce to the mix. Me very happy with this camera. It just makes taking pictures fun- and isn't that what its supposed to be about?

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    I think maybe the HDR on the RX10 is producing more resolution in the color channels? With pictures like these my objective is to reproduce how the cars pop to my eyes when Im wearing my polarized sunglasses- I really want to capture my feeling of being there.

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    And the results certainly prove that the RX10 is up to the job!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    JPG processing on these new sensors is getting so good, that I almost never bother with RAW unless I really need the latitude. Now, I just need to take time to process my several outings just sitting on the A6000. Lazy...or busy. Both?

    Lots of great pics, Jerry.

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    Thanks Rifle. Lazy and busy sounds familiar. Or it could be busy and lazy. As long as it's not busy at being lazy! Or Lazily busy! LOL

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    Jerry, I wish I had known you were going to be there- I attended the Sunday (european car) show, spectacular cars, spectacular weather. Just a nice event all around, although I wish they could work out the parking situation.


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    I'll let you know next year. The parking is tricky- this year they closed off the lot across the street for some reason. I just park in the office building- its across the street and closer to Greenwich Ave- its a tan color building, just "behind" I95. I got there at 1015 and found a spot. I left around 1230 and the building lot was packed.

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