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Thread: There is a POSITIVE aspect to the whole frame-drama

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    There is a POSITIVE aspect to the whole frame-drama

    If your Z8 is not damaged yet you should see the whole thing from the positive side:

    If the information I got from BMW Germany is right the purchase of the performance-kit should give you total peace of mind- the car will definitely be free of structural problems once the kit has been fixed.
    Think about the fact, that were only about 5700 Z8s built. Due to frame damages a whole lot of them will vanish over the time, but your car (if it carries the kit) will last.
    Every Z8 that bends will raise the value of your car simply because of the fact that the total number of undamaged Z8s in existance will decrease. The smaller the number of undamaged cars in existance will get, the more desireable the undamaged cars will become (this is the simple concept of supply and demand).Therefore the frame problem could make the Z8 a real, very rare classic much faster than anybody has ever imagined.

    Greetings from Hamburg/ Germany

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    Perhaps my car, with 0 miles, will be worth billions if I wait long enough.