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Thread: Performance Package Initial Impressions

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    Performance Package Initial Impressions

    I had the performance package (PP) installed at Peter Pan BMW and beyond the additional protection of the frame my initial driving impression is also favorable. My drive home included a mix of freeway and twisty backroads. Based on my year of driving the Z8 without the PP, the turn-in performance feels improved and the front end more planted. The four-wheel alignment, all within specifications, may also be a contributing factor to this improved feel. I also had the clutch delayed valve removed, and there's now a direct connection between clutch engagement and gear changes that was always a little off before.

    Bottom line: I'm glad I had the opportunity to drive the Z8 in its original showroom state, but the above enhancements provide a better driving experience and improved frame stability.
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    Wait till you upgrade to the EU Alpina suspension package, that's the real night and day change!
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    Ed that is exactly how I felt when I had it done. And Andrew is correct. If you are willing to do it, the Alpina (European spec) suspension upgrade along with stiffer anti roll bars really will give the car both more comfort and allow even more sporty driving.