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Thread: NY install

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    NY install

    My local dealer is BMW Westchester, NY.. Last visit they knew little/nothing re the frame fix. Would appreciate input on a dealer in this area that would do a good install.

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    It's a long ride to Rochester....but Holtz BMW can do it

    fyi they did mine...were impeccible...Sara Gurslin is the Service Manager and she is top noch....if you want contact info feel free to ask...bern (luvnlfe)

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    PP at the BMW of Manhattan

    I had PP installed in January at BMW of Manhattan. It took them 4-5wks back then to get the parts in, but they did an excellent job with it once they had the parts.

    Michael Ciasco is the service advisor who helped me with PP. He can be reached at 212-373-7871 ext 376.

    2002 Z8

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    I used BMW of Flemington NJ to do the install on my Alpina. They did an excellent job, and it is quite a bit closer then Rochester! Not to mention that it is probably snowing up there as you read this!