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Thread: BMW Z8 Club e.V. letter from the President.

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    BMW Z8 Club e.V. letter from the President.

    This is the official letter explaining the position of the President of the Club.
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    Somehow this has not been commented so far, however, I think it is worth to do so.

    Olaf is THE man behind the Club, he invested a lot of private money and effort over a long period of time to make his dream of founding a Z8 club come true. Anything and everything that I have seen coming from Olaf over the past year and a half has shown class, substance, and hard work.
    It all paid off when the Club was founded last year, celebrated in an uncomparable event in Munich.
    As many of you know, Olaf works for BMW, and the current issues put him between all chairs:
    - President of the Z8 Club:
    Everybody expects him to act independently
    - Working for BMW
    Loyalty is expected there
    - Z8 Owner with a damaged car
    He lost his beloved car because of a simple pothole in Switzerland

    Nevertheless, Olaf - together with J?rgen Wunderlich - was the one who initiated the dialog with BMW, and who kept the door open. Nobody had ever anticipated an issue of this magnitude to crop up shortly after the foundation of the club, and so far both Olaf and J?rgen have been handling it in a perfect way.

    Olaf had a lot of support for his work here from his managers inside BMW, this counts a lot for BMW IMO. I am not sure whether I am suppposed to say this here, if not I will take it out again.

    His decision to put his position to rest until this will be over deserves our full respect. However, it is only an outer sign for the way how the club operates. Already up to now the club has always taken a fair and open approach, especially when communicating with BMW. Once this will be over, I hope we can say the same thing about BMW.

    Olaf is the best person to serve as the President of the Z8 Club, and I will support him as much as I can once he will step up again into his regular duties.
    Best regards, Dieter