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Thread: Air cleaner change and more

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    Red face Air cleaner change and more

    I enjoy performing light maintenance items on my cars including an occasional air filter change. Having recently purchased two Mann c26151 filters for the Z8 from Amazon, I thought I was good to go...

    I replaced one filter, but dropped the spring loaded fastener that secures the MAF assembly to the filter housing. I regrouped and used the one off the other side until I could strategize on retrieving the fastener that sounded like it landed on the plastic engine cover on the underside of the car. I got to the part on the other air filter housing when it was time to drop in the air filter. One small problem, the wrong sized filter was put into the box marked c26151. Realizing that I was having one of those days, I pulled the car into the garage.

    Path forward today... I contacted Amazon and the correct air filter should arrive tomorrow. Unable to find a borescope, I attached my iPhone to a part extractor, located the fastener with multiple exploratory videos, and eventually retrieved the fastener with a magnet attached to a screwdriver base. All should be good once I receive the replacement filter. Right?
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    Ed... You da man! Great story of what always happens! Nothing is ever as simple as it seems!

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    Great use of modern technology to solve a problem! I would never have thought of the I-phone trick.

    On a somewhat related subject, subsequent to having the PP installed earlier this summer, I decided to check on the condition of my engine air filters. The presence of the brace makes the process of opening the air boxes next to impossible- anyone done this before? I guess I should have replaced the filters BEFORE the PP install......


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    On the new unintended use of the iPhone, as the old saying goes: Necessity is the mother of invention.

    I have the performance package installed on my car too, and you are right about the degree of difficulty for an air filter change increasing! With that said, I released the tubing from the air cleaner at the plenum box by loosening the hose clamp. Then there is enough play in the system to release the three clamps at the air cleaner box, release the two fasteners that secure the connection to the MAF meter. The fasteners that I wrote about are a loose fit in their seated position when not in use, and gravity can make your day as it did for me.
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    2002 Z8 Jet Black//Sport Red
    2012 SLS AMG Obsidian Black/Classic Red

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