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Thread: Sunday July 1st - Midsummer's Early Morning Drive in LA.

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    Sunday July 1st - Midsummer's Early Morning Drive in LA.

    Making the most of the 5.50am dawn we met up at the Starbucks in Valencia as the sun rose in the east. From there we headed north on the 5, peeling off at Frazier Park, and climbing up into the clouds that the wind was toying with on the flanks of Mt Pinos.

    Then we dropped out of the clouds on the north side and down to the 166, headed west to the 33, then went south all the way into Ojai to complete a hundred and thirty miles of totally open, deserted back road driving, and enjoy a lovely, relaxed breakfast at the old Ritz Carlton.

    Here are some postcards from the road...
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Very Surreal!! Looks like it was a beautiful drive, nice size group of cars, and deserted roads to stretch them out without bugs this time. Thanks for the great pics!
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    350 miles of driving a great car, on some great roads, with great friends.

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