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Thread: The Mullin Auto Museum drive, Sat, June 12.

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    The Mullin Auto Museum drive, Sat, June 12.

    Formerly the Chandler Auto Museum, now taken over to house Peter Mullins wonerful collection of Art Deco Streamline cars and Bugatti's, the Mullin Auto Museum now open to the public a few times a year, these shots are from our June 12th trip.

    From the museum's web site: "The Mullin Automotive Museum is an homage to the art deco and the machine age ? eras that produced exquisite art and magnificent automobiles. The museum is home to examples of the finest of historic French automobiles from the Bugatti to the Voisin as well as significant and representative decorative art from this same period".

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    What a wonderful collection, and also what a great refurbishment of the old Otis Chandler Museum!

    Every car has a great story, and the very well produced film on constant rotation, and placards in the museum do a great job of explain everything really well. Downstairs are the cars you might see at Pebble Beach, and indeed many are previous winners, while upstairs are the cars you'd see tearing around at the Historics up at Laguna Seca. Maybe the best story is of a Bugatti Type 22 that was won in Paris by a Swiss chap in a poker match. When he got back to Switzerland he couldn't afford the import taxes, so the Swiss authorities dumped his car in the lake, where it remained until just a couple of years ago, The dredged up wreck is on display exactly as found, and is haunting beautiful.

    After leaving the museum we wound our way back through the Santa Monica Mtns to grab a sandwich at the Rock Store, where we met John, another Brit who has been driving his bright green 1935 Talbot all over the states. He gave us another side of the love of vintage motoring, the joy of driving, the very thing that makes our Z8's so wonderful!

    Here are some snaps to give yo an idea of what you missed...
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    I visited the museum yesterday with a couple friends. The place is amazing. It's very impressive walking into the space.
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