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Thread: Monterey 2022

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    Monterey 2022

    I had the pleasure to reconnect with Carlos (///M Blitz), Ted (Bend) and Mark (VegasAlpina) in Monterey as well as show our Z8s at The Quail. Unfortunately, Markís car was left home waiting for parts, but three other cars were shown. While at The Quail and at the nearby Bonhamís Auction we had the opportunity to catchup with Andrew (macfly), Ian (Norcal), Christian (ZAchterbahn) and Jayson (Bhdoc). One of my favorite moments at The Quail was hearing a story from a couple, Sonny and Laura, shared in front of Tedís car. Turns out that these folks from Louisiana were at The Quail in 2021 and were so enamored with a Topaz Blue/Crema Z8 that they purchased one for themselves from Wayne Carini.

    Enjoy the images
    My Best,


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    Wonderful pics and story, so great to see you guys briefly and remember the community we once were, and to reenter the world of automobilia after 3 years of lock down absentia!

    Here's a few pix I did too just to add some color, starting with my $20k bargain basement beauty (1 owner, 28k miles and such a pleasure to hustle up the coast at the speeds I enjoy now I'm in my 6th decade!)
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Thanks for the recap, Ed. It was like old times, but with fewer friends present. Great to see everyone. Sorry to have missed Andrew and Christian. Something to which to look forward. Appreciate Andrew's and Ed's photos.Till the next time.

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    Ed and Andrew, thanks for posting and sharing your experience here. I remember when a great number of Z8ís were at the Quail (was it 2016?). Hopefully, I will get a chance to experience Monterey Car Week again in the future.Ken

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    It was 2008 when we had the really big gathering, and this was the day from our perspective -
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Yes, 2008! What a trip full of memories and thanks Andrew for posting the photos from that trip. It was and will remain one of the best trips weíve ever experienced leaving permanent pleasant memories for a lifetime. Wouldnít it be great to get another large gathering of Z8s at the Quail or somewhere next year? Thanks to all for posting your pics.
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    Unfortunate that life has become so busy, missing those group events. I know my car has only been out of the garage once this year.

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    My wonderful old aunt, who was such a big influence in my youth, always said never try and repeat your successes.

    That said, maybe one day I'll get another Z8, and maybe then I'll give it a go.
    Andrew Macpherson

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