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Thread: The Bruce Meyer Collection

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    The Bruce Meyer Collection

    For those in the know, Bruce is something of an LA automotive legend. His family are one of the original property and business owners of the small triangle of streets just north of the old LA Speedway. It was a huge Indianapolis style wooden board race track, but sadly was pulled down in the mid twenties. Today that small triangle of property surrounding its old entrance is home to one of the most exclusive and expensive shopping enclaves in the world, and right through it's heart runs Rodeo Drive (thin red line below). Not a bad bit of real estate to be gifted at birth Bruce has done a huge amount with what he has been given, not least as collector and connoisseur of all things automotive, but also being huge supporter of the Petersen Museum and countess other historic automotive events and venues.

    Last fall I was lucky enough to get a special showing thanks to one of our fellow board members. It may not seem like a huge space in these quick iPhone snaps, but when you realize it's an entire building in an alleyway right behind Rodeo Drive, you know you're looking at a piece of real estate that is far more valuable than all the assembled gloriousness with in!
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    Beautiful cars! His collection has been featured on several Velocity Channel shows. Seems like a great guy.


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    Thanks Andrew. Cool story and a great presentation of pristine cars!

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    The neatest thing about Bruce's cars is not just the fact that they are such awesome examples, but each of those cars is "the" car. It's not a 250SWB. It's THE 250 SWB that won LeMans. It's not just a great old Mercedes coupe, it's CLARK GABLE's damn Mercedes coupe. Every car there is a story like that. Just incredible, and Bruce is the best.

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