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    First car back to U.S. for Alfa after a 20 year absence. This 4C is a limited edition car number 123/500. It is the first 4C to be delivered in the U.S. according to Alfa Romeo USA.

    The tub is entirely Carbon Fiber which is exposed on the interior. I will add a shot this afternoon to see that. The chassis is aluminum. Combined the tub and chassis weigh just over 240 lbs.

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    Wow, I didn't know they were on the ground in the us. What's it like?

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    It is actually nothing like anything else I have driven. I wasn't sure what to expect given that half of the press has panned the car. It isn't a Porsche, Corvette or BMW. Nor is it a Lotus. It is a drivers car who is looking for the long way home. You wouldn't want to drive it across country as it is loud and there is no space for luggage. It is pure fun. I am thoroughly enjoying it as it is beautiful, fun to drive and sounds great. Carbon Fiber Tub, Aluminum Chassis, Aluminum Engine, light weight everything. Super car technology at very affordable prices.
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