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Thread: 61888 :: 2002 BMW Z8

  1. 61888
    General Information
    Silver / Black

    61888 was bought new from Crevier BMW in Dec 2002, and intended to be a keeper car, so she was kept as garage queen until the second Napa Drive in June 04. At that time she entered active service for select events, but she quickly became the car I decided I'd do all the upgrades to, and keep as my 'drivers dream car' forever.

    At end of warranty period in 06 Peter Pan BMW added full EU Alpina suspension, the PP and a great many of the other upgrades listed below.

    Since then she has been out on all of the major drives and events that we've organized and so of course she is also featured in all of the static shots of those events, as well as being the 'camera car' from which all the moving shots are taken.

    Sadly in the spring of 2015 this car was destroyed in an accident, and was a total loss. It did however perform exactly as designed, and despite the very violent nature of the accident it protected both occupants in the most exemplary manner. You could well say it gave its life to save ours. This car was without a doubt the car of my life, and in many ways it can never be replaced. It goes without saying that it is sorely missed.


    Silver Titanium with 3M protective covering


    Black Napa leather
    Silver-grey floor matts
    UUC Short-shift kit with weighted stainless knob
    Ultimate Pedals Z8 Forum Heel-Toe pedal set


    Wind in the hair, Miesterschaft in the ears


    Dinan chip
    K&N Foam Air Filters
    BMW 'Performance Package'


    Full Alpina EU kit
    Dinan adjustable sway bars
    Dinan Castor Plates
    Hard Urethane steering and suspension bushings


    BMW Motorsport 20" rims
    Pirelli P-Zero tires

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