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Thread: 1995 Porsche 993 GT2

  1. 1995 Porsche 993 GT2
    General Information
    993 GT2
    Speed Yellow
    Road Version

    It took me four years to find the right 993 GT2, came across this one while I was still living in Tokyo.

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    That is great looking - according to some information, there are only 57 of these made. Is that correct? If so, this is truly a rare bird!
    Skip Hammerman

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    That's a great find, and to be honest I wasn't aware there was a 993 GT2 (or 3 for that matter), I thought the whole GT series started at the 996. I have very sweet memories of my 996 GT3, it really was a fun machine!👍😃
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Beautiful and LHD too! Congratulations on your rare find.
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    Nooooo Waaayyyyy!!!!! This is arguably one of my favorite cars ever, I had a poster of one of these on my wall when I was a kid and always dreamed about owning one, one day. The 993 is actually the car that got me into cars in general. It all started as a little kid sitting in the back of my dads 993 Carrera Cab listening to the air-cooled engine bark as he went through gears (no other car sounds like it). My father still has the 993, bought it new in 95 and it only has 12K miles on it today. Every time I get to drive it it's a huge treat, and after all the exotics that I've driven the 993 is still my favorite, theres just something so honest about the way the car drives (sorry for the long post, heres a pic of my 993 from this summer, still doesn't compare to your GT2). Name:  386147_511269245553824_919099870_n.jpg
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    Thanks all. Yes, there were about 172 (+-) 993 GT2 cars made, and about 120 of those were made as the Race version, so 52 or 57 (+-) were of the Road version that could be sold in some of the ROW countries - not in the U.S., unfortunately. Most of the cars ended up being heavily tracked, so finding one in pristine condition was particularly difficult. It was a long search, but in the end it was well worth it - my car has 15K kilometers, in collectors' condition. Fun ride - a 993 RS on steroids!

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    I too love the 993 and agree with the above comments. It gives the feel of really being connected to the road. Mine is a 98 C2S. I'll try to post a picture.

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    Very nice!!!

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    I have one of those too! In the same color! (It's 1/18th)

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    2016 UPDATE: The 993 GT2 came from the factory with "Speedline for Porsche" wheels in magnesium, unique and wonderfully light but unfortunately prone to cracking from potholes or hard use. About 2 years ago a friend - a Porsche wheel builder - and I started a project to build a set of "Speedline for Porsche" wheels using OEM or better than OEM parts, but using FORGED steel centers. The results are as below, with the finish quality, in my opinion, significantly better than new OEM, and of course far stronger. Hope you enjoy.

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    It looks fantastic! The wheels, the car, everything!

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