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Thread: Tail Light Burned Out

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    Tail Light Burned Out

    The tail light on the driver's side has failed. Only the bottom half is working. My dealer tells me a replacement bulb is $3,100 plus labor. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there another solution?

    Thanks for any advise.

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    Sometimes it can be the relay switch or ballast, and as they're much less expensive it's worth checking it isn't those first, but sadly we're getting to the age where the neons will start failing.
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    It can start functioning again. Mine stopped and started three times in 6 weeks time. But I replaced the tail light 6 months ago by an OEM light. The new lights are more reliable now.
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    Thanks for the help. I ordered the part. The joy of owning and maintaining an old car. It is just so much fun to drive.

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    Hi -

    just replaced both of mine. There is quite a lot of conversation in this thread:

    Also, if you are a member of BMW CCA, you should be able to get a discount of 20% for parts (and possibly a break on labor rate) from your dealer. If you are not a member, it is well worth while to join ASAP.
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    I replaced a light a couple of years ago. I now need to replace the other one and the price has TRIPLED since the last one. Has anyone else had similar problems on recent pricing?

    It seems from the recent thread that the only real option is the benevolence of the dealer.


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