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Thread: How to take console apart?

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    How to take console apart?

    How do you take the center console apart?

    I want to access the interior end of the curly phone wire (installing a bluetooth kit). I have taken apart quite a few of the pieces of the phone compartment at the back of the console, but still cannot reach the end of this wire. Next step seems to be taking apart the entire console.

    - jkh21

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    I can't help with the info directly, but the entire list of the parts that make up our cars, with illustrations, is posted here, so I'd suggest downloading them, and see if they help you 'see' what you need to do.
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    I suggest you go on eBay and search BMW Z8 where you will find numerous offers for factory parts and repair manuals. These are copies of the CDs used for parts ordering and service in BMW dealerships and they provide detailed, step-by-step instructions on disassembly and reassembly of virtually everything on your car. Look for the latest version available. While they assume you have had automotive mechanics training, the illustrations can get you through most tasks. Removal of the "storage tray" is included.

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    All I know is when I had that phone console button fixed - it cost me $1200 bucks in labor, even the BMW mechanic was lost on that one. It is very complex and is bolted in many places along the transmission tunnel. Without a doubt, it was one of my worst experiences for a repair related to the Z8. BMW needs to not only stock parts, but they need to align those parts and labor allocations to be inline with the other BMW line of cars. It looks like a lot of parts are available, but $175 for a key fob??? $750 for a car cover??? I think someone has lot a touch of reality.

    I would only buy a Z8 that was 100% complete and if not, then I would generously total up the sum for the missing parts and labor and start subtracting from there.

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