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Thread: Help with part number

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    Help with part number

    I have been looking through part diagrams but have not been able to locate the number for these door sills. As you can see the one that has the three screws is quite scratched and I would like to see how much it would be to replace. The lower one with the "BMW" is in quite good condition, but I would like to get the price for it as well. Also, would it be possible to refinish the one with the scratches? If so, any recommendations?

    Skip Hammerman

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    I have the lower BMW embossed door sills on back order since Sept 2014 from Peter Pan BMW. For the upper sills check out this post:
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    Checking the site, the part numbers are 51478234427 (left side) and 51478234428 (right side). The name of the part is "Cover Strip, Entrance". However, I used the instructions Ed refers to above with good effect on my sills. I'd be curious to know if they are still available new.


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    Skip, they are available in the shop at BMW Classic group: 100 a piece. The one with BMW is 122 euro a piece
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    Thank you for the advice and help! I did look up the prices and this is what I found: $137.98 top and $157.79 bottom sill with BMW embossed. and both had $87.00 top and $106.82 bottom. I di not put an order in so I am not sure if they actually have the parts available. I might try the sanding first. Thank you again - this truly shows what a great resource and community is!
    Skip Hammerman

    2002 BMW Z8 - Meisterschaft GT, PP installed, CDV delete. 100,000 Mile Club
    2013 BMW X3
    2015 Porsche 911 Targa 4S

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    I've taken my upper threshold pieces off and sanded them with #300 - twice in 14 years of ownership. Works great. Hardest part is making sure you move the sandpaper in a straight line. Takes me about 10 minutes each.

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    To facilitate the sanding process, I drilled a couple of holes in the crossbar of a wooden sawhorse and screwed the sill plates in place while sanding. I used 150 grit paper, lubricated with WD40. Worked great, removed everything except a few deep scratches.

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