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Thread: Hardtop headling

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    Hardtop headling

    Has anyone had cause to replace the headling on their hardtop? A mouse has made a meal out of mine. I have looked on the original OEM parts list but cannot find any refference to the material used. Does anyone know if the original material is available anywhere? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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    I have heard of several people having to replace the lining for different reasons. I think that the best thing to do is just take the top to an upholstery restoration specialist and have him match the fabric. As far as I am aware the only place that the roof liner fabric is used throughout the car is in the roof, so you aren't trying to match it to anything else within the cabin.
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    Thanks for the advice Andrew, My local trimmers have found similar material but I would like to replace it with as close a match to the original as possible. I have a couple of trip to Germany planned this year, does anyone there know of a source for the original material?
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    That's why you need to be a member of the Club.
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    I think this is the oem part number

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    Thanks Ton, I think your'e right. I will check with BMW tomorrow.
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    I may be wrong on this older posting, but I think the part # in posting 5 is just for the bonded fabric (OEM fabric with foam backing).

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    I ordered the headlining for the hardtop. Its a roll of a fabric. Planning to have it replaced in spring time.

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