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Thread: Cleaning crema headliner

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    Cleaning crema headliner

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to best clean grease/dirt off a crema headliner?

    I think that the grease/dirt came from the top mechanism (which begs the additional question, "How does one prevent the mechanism from doing that again?)

    I have read about using steam, extractors, chemicals, etc for cleaning upholstery, which seems to be analogous. While many of these methods seem to remove the grease from the original spot, there is a tendency for the chemical and grease to wick to the adjacent areas, thereby discoloring them.

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    gosh, that's a hard call, I'd suggest talking to a dry cleaning shop about the things they use to remove stubborn spots, I have never known of a product developed for light colored soft top fabrics. Also please PM or email me your shipping addy for the shirt, as I have it all ready to go, but don't know where to send it!
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