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Thread: You never forget your first time...

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    You never forget your first time...

    What was your first experience with the Z8?

    Mine came at the 1999 Frankfurt Auto Show, where they displayed the Z8. That was also the year they debuted the E46 M3 concept and the Z9 concept (complete with dancers and flames shooting up from the stage).

    At auto shows, manufacturers spend a lot of time figuring out a car's best angle, and then situating the car so that this view is what the journalists see as they come into the area, trying for a lasting first impression, a visual snapshot that may forever determine a car's visage in the mind of the viewer.

    The Z8 was on a revolving turntable.

    I remember thinking, Boy, that takes a lot of guts! They must think it has no bad angle! And you know what? I was right on both counts. I stood there and watched the damn thing revolve for at least ten or fifteen minutes: Hey, there's a Cobra! No, it's an E-Type! Wait, there's a 507! Oh, I get it: Corvette!

    For all his subsequent hits and misses, you have to agree that Henrik Fisker got that one exactly right.

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    2000 New York Auto Show. Titanium Z8, also on a turntable. The car made a huge impression on me, but it took me 13 years to finally own one (red/red). Am absolutely in love with it!


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    Early one morning I dropped off my 540 for service at Peter Pan BMW in 2000, and while waiting for my service advisor I wandered into the nearby showroom. There I saw my first Z8, silver/black, and I was smitten with the car. The driver door was unlocked which allowed for a little seat time and a peek at the trunk. At that time I was a single dad in a period of transition, but I promised myself "someday". It's good to be able to realize your dreams, even if it takes 10 years!
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    The Z8 first came out when I was still in elementary school so it made a huge impression on me as a kid. The first one I saw was at my local BMW dealership (a topaz/tan car) and I was stunned. I immediately got a poster of one and put it in my school locker. Never thought I'd own the actual car.
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    I was up at Watkins Glen for the bmwcca Oktoberfest in 2008 with my Isetta 600. Some one let me sit in their black Z8. (Any one on this forum?) I fell in love at that point and started searching after getting all the info I needed on this forum. I found my car in New Hampshire and bought it on the day micheal Jackson died, June 25 2009. The drive back the next day was horrendous through the tail end of a spent hurricane
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    It was at the LA Auto Show...I was walking around, not really impressed by anything I'd seen. The Z8 was up on the turntable. I walked up to it and stood at the rail for what must've been 45 minutes. I just stood there like a kid, watching the car go around and around, wondering how I was going to get one. That was more then ten years ago, I haven't had that reaction to any car since.

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    My love affair with the Z8 began through the pages of the magazines. The first time I saw one in the flesh was in the late summer of 1999 up on the Angeles Crest Highway. I had seen a photograph of the same lightly camouflaged car in one of the monthlies, it was a simple all black Z8 with a strange bolt on faux chrome grill that made it look sort of E-Type like. It looked so perfect flying past me that it cemented my desire, I knew had to have one.
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    My first encounter with a Z8 was on a Sunday staring through the window of the BMW dealer in Zurich with the wife yelling at me to hurry up. Took me ten years to get one.
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    I'd ordered a Z8 as soon as my dealer had heard of them in early 2000. They then proceeded to screw around with me on where in the list I was - I guess better customers can buy their way in.

    A friend of mine knew I was a fan, and he called me one day in August 2000 and told me he was looking at one on a premium used car lot. I immediately drove over there, took a test drive, and negotiated a price (what they were asking!).

    Yup - I bought the first one I saw, and I paid the full asking price (get me drunk one day and ask me how much I paid, I'm a bit embarrassed)

    Two weeks later, the BMW Seattle dealership owner had an unveiling of *his* new Z8. I did think about driving mine to that one!

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    Ok, here is a different twist from an original owner. The first Z8 I saw did nothing for me, maybe it was the color, the light, that day, I donít know. I was interested in buying an e46 M3 convertible for European deliver, but my CA kept pushing the damn Z8. The thing was, I just couldnít bring myself to pay $135K for a damn car. Yeah, I know, this from a guy that paid $57K in 1987 for my e24 M6.

    Then, one day the wife and I are walking on a trendy boulevard and suddenly we literally both stopped on our tracks, did a double-take and zeroed in on a Topaz Z8. I donít know if it was the color, the light, that day, butÖ Next thing I know Iím ordering a Z8 for European delivery. No, it was not Topaz, go figure.
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    I followed the development of the Z8 in magazines leading up the launch of the car. I knew as did most that this was going to be a spectacular car. I also knew that this was going to take a bit of "selling" to my wife. Then an opportunity came with the release of the World is Not Enough. We were at the theater watching the movie when the car came on and wife says "now that's a cute car". To my thinking that was permission. Ordered one from a broker shortly thereafter. Note that this only worked once. She has since been very careful to not express any interest in any vehicle.
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