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Thread: BMW's 'Mobile Tradition' collection, Jun 2005

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    Thumbs up BMW's 'Mobile Tradition' collection, Jun 2005

    While at the inaugural weekend of the Z8 Club in Munich we were treated to a private tour of BMW's private collection of it's own treasures. Normally cameras are not allowed, but for the Z8 Club a special exception was made, so many thanks to the team at 'Mobile Tradition' for letting me share these pictures of a few of my favorites with you.

    I'm sure you have seen all of the cars here in magazines and books, each one is a star in it's own right, but to see them all assembled together is just breathtaking. This is certainly my favorite art collection!
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    Amazing collection

    That's my kind of art collection too! I've always preffered art, even graphics on 3-d forms (big suprise). Now, to hear them all running, or see them in motion would ad yet another dimension or two to the experience! Makes a flat canvas seem so boring in contrast. Thanks for the great pics.