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Thread: BMW Z8 CLUB e.V. General Membership Meeting Report

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    BMW Z8 CLUB e.V. General Membership Meeting Report

    The BMW Z8 Club e.V. General Membership Meeting held at BMW-World in Munich, Germany on Sunday, April 6. 2014 confirmed the outgoing president's and board of directors' actions and sets the mood for a new chapter in the club's history.

    All board members seeking reelection were approved: Sonja Tietz - President, Dieter Weidenbrueck - Chairman Technical Matters, Joachim Raczek - Treasurer.

    Joachim Bender was elected Chairman Sports and Tourism.

    Having served on the board for 2 years I decided not to run for reelection. Instead I will focus on strengthening the Z8 community in North America working closely with the new board of directors.

    It has been a privilege and honor to serve the Club under Sonja's dedicated and level headed leadership. Few will ever know the hardship she, Dieter, Achim and William took upon themselves to steer this great Club back into smooth waters.

    I am looking forward to my new mission in supporting the Club with membership activities in America and I am counting on the support and participation of this forum's patrons.


    Christian Schmidt
    2001 Z8

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    Thank you Christian for your hard work! Sounds like everything is back on track. Given that this is an international club, shouldn't they plan some events outside of Europe, and in NA? How many NA members are there anyway?

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    Thank you Christian.

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    Sorry that you gave up your post, you were a great asset to both us in the US and the club. However I'm very happy to hear that all is now well with the Club again.
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    We can't say enough to thank Christian Schmidt for helping the club through a most difficult period. Two years ago, things were in bad shape, with "...ongoing disputes with individual members...", and an en mass resignation of the prior board. Less courageous people would say "Run, Forest, run!", but Herr Schmidt stepped right into the battle by running for a board position. And who better: a world-class Z8 aficionado who speaks German and resides in the US. How lucky were we?! Perhaps more importantly, he lives up to his namesake as a highly-ethical example of proper behavior in tumultuous times. With Christian's help, board was re-formed, and the Club (a German legal entity) was restructured, audited, investigated and exonerated.

    It's too bad that the tensions "...could only end with expulsions..." of people we previously considered dear personal friends. But I rest easy in knowing how Christian and his colleagues on the board rigorously followed appropriate governance and due process. We are left with a stronger and more durable Club that is well poised to promote the brand of one of the greatest sports cars ever built - a mere machine - but one which gives cause for affinity among the great number of people that the Club brought together, and who we consider friends for life.

    Paul & Betty Peck
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    Over the past few years the club could have easily blown up over legal attacks from one of its own members, or re-invented itself into a more typical club structure offering basic services and a voice within BMW on behalf of Z8 owners. Fortunately it has done the latter, and with Christian's help expanded the club's presence beyond Europe. That presence will surely be missed, and hopefully the club will find other ways to focus outside of Europe in a realistic way.

    However, with Jurgen's departure the club lost a dynamic and tirelessly dedicated leader, whose technical bulletins and tenacious advocacy with BMW over the early issues with the car was invaluable, and frankly far beyond what most clubs do. I remember when the international club was the source of far more relevant and detailed information on the car than this board, but in the last few years that role has seemed to reverse somewhat. That is not meant to criticize the board. It is just really hard to replace Superman, and the member who put the club and this fine man through this ordeal should no longer be a member.
    Charles Guerin
    AH61406 - Titanium Silver/ /Black

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    I agree with you Charles, Jurgen brought a lot of enthusiasm and energy and I also miss his involvement. However, I know there were a lot of stories going around and I don't wish to delve back into that, simply to say that I appreciate what the Club did in the past and I'm excited for its future with its new leadership.

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    Edy and I also very much appreciate the work Christian and others did to save and improve the club. We look froward to more good times on the road and other club events. Thanks

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