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Thread: Z8 book

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    Z8 book

    New to the forum as I just bought a z8. the original owner never received the book. Would BMW Consider Re-issuing the book? Advice or suggestions welcomed.

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    Some of us were able to get those from BMW a few years back (even if not original owner like myself - no matching vin though) from Bill Stuart at BMW NA. He was the guardian angel of the Z8s, but he is no longer with us and I do seem to recall that they at some point no longer had any of the extra books as they were all given away. I believe the only viable option at this point is to wait for one to appear on Ebay, where they periodically do appear and bite the bullet and pay the price which if I recall correctly has been hovering somewhere around $1,500 typically.

    Does anyone else have any better suggestions?
    Skip Hammerman

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    EBay is pretty much it, though the prices do seem to have moved a little lover. I helped connect a couple of books to buyers in the 1200 range recently, but a seller can pretty much ask what he wants as there are so few around and available.
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    thank you much appreciated

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