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Thread: Windshield Washer does not work?

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    Windshield Washer does not work?

    My wihshield washer does not work. Checked the fuse and it is ok. Headlight washer does work. Any suggestions?

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    That's a dealer trip I'm afraid, no suggestions for this, and also it's a first as far as I know.
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    I had my washer pumps (windshield and headlight) fail at 101,500 miles in 2017 and replaced at a total cost of $421.8 labor being more than 50% of the cost at $$278.20 (two hours).
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    I've never once tried to use my washer/wipers...guess I need to leave a note in the car before the next wash and wax.

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    Before you take your car to the dealer remove the hose from the nozzle and see if the water is pumped. If it works, nozzles may have been clogged.

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