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Thread: What determines Z8 prices?

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    What determines Z8 prices?

    A 2003 Z8 sold today on Bring A Trailer for $168k (plus $5K BAT buyer fee). It was a two-owner, silver/red car with 12k miles, all of the goodies, and seemingly in pristine condition. Four weeks ago on March 27, a two owner, silver/red 2002 Z8 with 12k miles, all of the goodies and seemingly in pristine condition, sold on BAT for $$186k (plus $5k BAT buyer fee). The only apparent difference between the two cars was the 2002 car had the "Performance Package". Essentially identical cars, what would account for the nearly 11% premium paid for the 2002? Performance Package? Dumb luck having the right people bidding on a given day? Did I miss something? Thoughts?

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    I really do think it's just dumb luck, literally right place at the right time with a few competing buyers.

    While I'm a huge fan of the guys at BaT, this really does illustrate the issue with auctions - you just can't time the market right as they say.
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    Yes Andrew, but no.... just dumb luck is the reality with auctions. Right people “in the room”.

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    For me the best example of "the right people in the room" is a couple years back at an auction in Belgium where a "catfight" between 2 ladies (probably acquaintances ) resulted in 350K euro for an ordinary Z8 :-)
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