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Thread: Went to Car show today

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    Went to Car show today

    So my brother talks me into going to a car club show, no tropies just showing off your car, everything from Porsche(Ruf) to the Ford GT, old Vettes, a 1935 Auburn with a Lycoming engine(100 point car at Pebble Beach) and of course the z8's. What was neat was my brother had the soft top up while I had the hard top on so that of course raised all the questions"was that an option",etc.

    We got alot of questions; some folks say they have never seen one. I met the guy who tried to buy the car before me, he is a dealer, and when I told him what I paid he got mad....he was just $2500 less on his offer,lol....

    Anyway I found out about A collection of vintage BMW's in Winston-Salem , North Carolina May 25-26 every year I think.

    I know most of you folks are on the west coast but it might be nice if you are on the east coast for some of us to go up there. If any pics my son(7)lol took come out I will try to get them to Andrew for posting, he helped me last time.....Max

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    Sounds like fun. Please do post some pics... it's not hard at all.

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    Post up pictures!