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Thread: update - Z8/raj in Dallas - bought an 850csi

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    update - Z8/raj in Dallas - bought an 850csi

    Ok, I read the posts now and again, but never have time to post anything so here is a quick update.

    Bought wheels and tires for my Z8 from Andrew some years ago. still look stunning on the car. Thank you Andrew. Car has performed well overall. have a fogging head light issue and perhaps a trans seal issue (lack of use) but I expect those after reading about all the other issues. 17000 miles silver/black.
    I will probably order 2 new headlight assemblies and the pray the warranty on parts will keep them alive.

    I have been going back and buying a few classic cars i have always wanted to add to the collection. Just added this and I figured the group would appreciate this... 1995 BMW 850CSI, 37000 miles. has been in roundel before.

    other than that we got one of the last Beech starships in the air. see pictures. we have 2 now flying out of Dallas. the Z8 sits under the wing of the airplane in the hangar.

    hope everyone is well and hopefully the Dallas guys will get together soon...

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    Very nice, congratulations!
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    Beautiful!!! WOW!
    Skip Hammerman

    2002 BMW Z8 - Meisterschaft GT, PP installed, CDV delete. 100,000 Mile Club
    2013 BMW X3
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    Sweet! Plane too!

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    Beautiful car! The 850 is one of my favorite designs, I think it has aged very well. If I only had room for more vehicles.......


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    Great car! What is the going price these days?

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    Great car...and a great plane. I've always loved the 8 series, there's a local "8's" club here in southern California that I check out online occasionally on the chance that one of the members might part with their well loved cars.

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    Congratulations Raj! Awesome car. Any plans on bringing it to Cars & Coffee in Plano next week? I have not seen you there in a long time.

    2001 Z8

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    Wow! Is that the 850CSi that we were drooling over at Bring A Trailer?

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