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Thread: Tyler from Hoovie’s Garage Purchases 2001 Z8 - New Video Posted

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    Tyler from Hoovie’s Garage Purchases 2001 Z8 - New Video Posted

    Tyler of Hoovies Garage acquired a 2001 Z8 to add to his already impressive collection of cars and “hoopties.” This video title is somewhat clickbaity — he suggests that the car broke down in the trip home, but it appears that it was only a tire pressure monitor sensor warning.

    his channel does have a relatively large subscription-based, so I expect the car will be on the radar of many enthusiasts, perhaps those that were not very familiar with it before.

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    Apparently he is on a mission to acquire a selection of BMWs from their "Golden Era", the late nineties into the early 00's, all in titanium silver. Along with the Z8, he already has purchased an E38 Seven Series, an E39 M5, and likely will acquire an E46 M3. Not sure whether he has plans for a Z3 M Roadster or an 850csi. Unlike much of his past content where he purchases the cheapest available example of an interesting car and then gets slammed with massive repair bills, the cars he has purchased on this particular mission seem to be in relatively good shape. Being that I share a predilection for the same generation of BMWs (currently owning a 99 M Roadster, a 2002 E39 M5, and a 2001 Z8), I am following his latest BMW quest with interest.

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    I didn't know the Astrodome was so ugly on the outside.

    I like Tyler.
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