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    Track Day

    Cold winter nights and thinking of summer days...

    I have been looking at the offers of a track day at the Monticello Motor Club in NY. Does anyone have any experience with the track and event, or have any suggestions as to where I could take the Z and air it out this summer? Thanks!

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    Ship it to California! There are great roads and sights to see for sure.

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    It is a fun car to drive at the track, for a few laps, but it is far from being a great track car.

    I would seriously recommend looking at the Colorado trip that is in the Events section, and also consider shipping it out to California for a tour.
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    I know various marque-related clubs do track days at Lime Rock park, New Jersey Motorsports Park, and Watkins Glen. If you are a PCA member, you might be able to participate in their track days with your Z8. You might also want to check with the Performance Drivers Association (website is which sponsors track days and is independent of any marque. I have done a few of these over the years, but not in my Z8.

    Let me know how you make out with Monticello.

    Good Luck,


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    Thanks, all, for your thoughts. The Colorado trip could be the best option, and I hadn't really considered it before now. But beautiful roads for spirited driving and good company is hard to beat. A day at a track is short-lived and the money spent may be better used as a downpayment on shipping the car West. Will work on this.

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