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Thread: This showed up at Rancho Santa Fe (CA) Cars and Coffee this morning

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    This showed up at Rancho Santa Fe (CA) Cars and Coffee this morning

    I almost went down this morning but had a busy week and my client was out of town anyway, so I stayed at home and cooked breakfast. I'd heard of this car, but never knew it was local (maybe it's not).

    It's not actually a Z8 or BMW prototype but appears to be a very well done car nonetheless.

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    I still need to see the interior… z4 based? Aluminum or fiberglass?

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    I do believe it is Z4 based.

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    Yes, it is called "The Oletha" and is ....

    Quote Originally Posted by BigGar View Post
    I do believe it is Z4 based.
    E86 - generation Z4 based chassis with redesigned interior and reskinned to look like a Z8 coupe'. Engine is S65B44 4.4 liter naturally aspirated V-8 from the E92 M3 GTS (Europe). Makes 450 HP @ 8500rpm. Made to order only by Smit Vehicle engineering. I sent them an email to inquire and currently taking orders. Cost ? A mere $450,000 !!!

    Read about it here. At those prices, I doubt there will be very many.

    The Oletha

    or on Road and Track:

    The Oletha
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    For 450K, I'd want it to at least be Z8 based!

    Otherwise it would be like buying a beautiful Singer 911 that was based on a Boxster :-)

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    It was up at the Peteresen too, where we got to see it. It's built using specially formed carbon composite panels custom made at specialist shop in the UK, but Smit Engineering is San Diego based.
    The really cool part is it's just 3050lbs!
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    Its nice but as they say, the Devil is in the details and this is ever true with car design. A basic shape it maybe, but what makes the Z8 so remarkable, even if to us subconsciously, are the numerous subtle curves that strike just that right balance aesthetically. IMO, the car at the Peterson had the right basic shape but to me its like looking at those replica 308 Ferraris that seemed relatively popular when 308 prices skyrocketed. You look at it and say it has the right basic shape but your eye knows something is not right. Same with this car. Adding to the problem is this: The Z8 had arguably the coolest interior of any modern car. The E89 had a very upscale interior, in fact, I'd say at almost Mercedes SL levels (had both at the same time). The least attractive interior was the first generation Z4....and that's what this car has. For that kind of money you better have a very nice bespoke interior. Key will be whether anyone ponies up the money for one.....but it is most decidedly not a Z8 at all.

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