A couple of weeks ago I bought a very rare version of ?The Book?. It belongs to one of the 11 Individual (?shamu?) cars with VIN AF 79819. The book and case are covered in black/crema leather. Very special and an asset to my Z8 collection.

But I know the desparate search for ?The Book? many of us did in the last couple of years so I thought: I will do it the other way, I will try to locate the car and owner.
I contacted the Z8 Club but they do not know this VIN and that is the same for this community. But maybe someone knows the owner of this specific car or an owner of a stratus/crema Individual car. If the car with the right VIN remains unknown I am prepared to sell it to the owner of another Individual car. If not it remains in my collection of Z8 automobilia. This message will also be put on the Z Roadster forum.

Another ?Book? related matter: on ebay 2 books are since yesterday for sale ( I am not affiliated!!) and they belong to American cars (Both red with a black and a crema interior) with the VIN numbers AH61085 and AH 60597.