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Thread: Prices for M Cars on the Rise

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    Prices for M Cars on the Rise

    People seem to be paying some crazy high prices for M cars on BaT lately with the e30 M3 selling for $250k and a 850CSI selling for $147k. If these cars that are based on other much less expensive cars sell at these premiums, where does that put our bespoke Z8? Are prices going to shoot up like they did a few years ago? Or will the Z8 be surpassed by other imo inferior models in BMW history? Seeing nice Z8ís selling in the mid 100ís is kind of mind boggling- especially compared to whatís out there in that price range. IMO thereís literally nothing else in that range that compares to the Z8. For crying out loud, itís a 400 hp rear wheel drive, manual transmission, limited production, basically concept car, thatís based off of the 507 and E-Type Jag (and does a damn good job of pulling it off). Whatís going on???

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    The M3 price was incredible! Great car, but still very, very high. The 850Csi is very rare and very cool. There were 10 times as many Z8s imported to the US as those, so not unreasonable in my mind. Not sure what the total 850 numbers are, with that configuration it is very rare.
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    One big problem with spending $147k on an 850csi is that it is pretty much indistinguishable from a $15k 840ci. Perhaps that shouldn't be a concern, as long as having the ne plus ultra version of the E31 is worth that kind of money to you. Having said that, I happen to love the E31 and believe the garden-variety versions are cheap in today's market.

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    ^^^ I agree.

    I have owned one other BMW, a '94 Csi. It was a extremely cool ride that was striking in appearance, and performed well. I wish I had not sold it.

    I assuage my regret by reminding myself of my Z8.
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