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Thread: Orange County Cars impounded on Group Drive

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    Orange County Cars impounded on Group Drive

    Regarding this article in Thursday's O C Register. I thought this article a bit ominous especially since a large group of us are heading up to Monterrey shortly. It will be worth watching the outcome and whether the Orange P. D. can pin the charge of street racing on the group, with all the associated consequences.

    Cruising or street racing? Man disputes car's impounding after bike crash

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    I can just see taking this out a few years, when there is a public movement to remove "driven" cars from the autonomous roadways. All the Google cars with their cameras will be ready.

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    "Stupid is, as stupid does!" These idiots go racing, errrrrrrrr cruising, and recorded to boot.

    Needless to say, we won't have any cameras on our "cruise."
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    Two wrongs don't make a right.

    I don't doubt there was some excessive exuberance and irresponsible driving involved in the cruise, but this new era of confiscation, eminent domain and outright theft is what happens when the state servants turn into a uncontrolled bunch of militarized, oppressive thugs. Did you see what's been happening with the Oakland PD too?

    All across the USA the police are far beyond their mandate and reach, and are never held accountable for their behavior. Just as in Nazi Germany in the early 30's, these steps happen slowly, and in the next wave it'll be people that start disappearing so their property can be absorbed into 'the state'.

    This rings a very loud alarm bell, and bodes very ill for what happens as a result of the next financial crisis-collapse.
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    I Agee 100% Andrew. Perhaps speeding or recklessness, but using extreme "street racing" confiscation laws, after the fact is criminal.

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    I deal extensively with police on a daily basis and have a lot of RCMP (the mounties) ties so, I would say that I am likely more 'pro' police than many. The vast majority of these individuals are good people. That being said, this does reflect a disturbing trend. In British Columbia there have been many seizures under the 'Civil Forfeiture Act'. Aimed at Vancouver's organized crime organizations , this allows police to seize property simply associated with crime. The onus of proof is civil (>50%) as opposed to criminal.

    Sounds great and I am sure there have been many cases where it has been put to the exact use for which it was intended - but there have been a number of cases where the law has been taken to extremes, the latest being someone who hid their license plate so as to avoid a toll on a bridge ! Legal experts here have stated that the law is dangerous and yet it remains in place

    Im also reminded of a Nevada politician who went to prison for bribery. The state used the Patriot Act to bug his conversations Getting funding for election campaigns is hardly terrorism in my opinion

    Guard your civil liberties carefully. And don't be an idiot on the road !

    dave p

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    California is finally making some noise about curbing its Civil Forfeiture partnership with the Feds. Police departments et al use these absolutely unconstitutional (no due process) grabs to fund their activities; gotta pay for those M16s and rocket launchers somehow! (Oh, wait; they're free from the Feds in order to keep the military-industrial machine churning.)

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