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Thread: Observation on cars for sale...

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    Observation on cars for sale...

    The number of Z8s listed is shrinking at an incredible pace. Autotrader has 12 and has 9 cars for sale today ( with the lowest price at close to $140K ). A year ago on any given day there were 20-25 cars listed with prices going down to $100K or some times below.

    I wonder if the supply is really starting to go down in the USA, and/or if owners are starting to hold back from selling as prices seem to be creeping up,

    I am ok with all this - hoping that well cared for high mileage cars will be appreciated by buyers as well. Not that I have any plans what so ever to sell.
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    I've noticed the pace of transactions has slowed this summer from what was a pretty hectic spring. I have some stunning cars on the books as you can see, and currently no buyers, but as with all things its just a matter of patience. The good thing is all my seller know what gems they have, and are happy to wait for the right buyer and the right price.
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    In Germany the number of cars on sale is steady ( around 50) But in my country (with 110 registered cars) in 2013 an average of 5 cars were for sale, but in the last 6 months it shrinked : an average of 1/2
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    It will be interesting to see what next spring brings.

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