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Thread: Number of Z8s

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    Number of Z8s

    How many Z8s were built and how many Alpinas?


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    1 of the 71 original Dutch sold cars (jetblack/red)

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    Thanks, Larry


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    How many do you think are still on the road?
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    My guess is that only about 100 or so have been destroyed here and in the EU, but I'd also guess that over 300 have been mothballed, so I'd say there are a lot more almost new ones left than destroyed ones.
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    OMG! That is painful to look at!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomster View Post
    Looks like we're down to 76 red/red cars!
    Does that mean that my car just went up in value?
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    I hope so! Can't argue with the law of Supply & Demand......

    That one looks to be a goner, I would think it is beyond repair. A couple of the others shown on the link perhaps are salvageable?

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