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Thread: New Member from The Netherlands

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    New Member from The Netherlands

    Thanks to the Z8 Board for welcoming, the site was already known by me before I bought my Z8 (AF78236) in the beginning of the year, so the site is not new for me, and I'm glad to be a member now. The Z8 I had bought is one of about 40 Dutch registered cars. In total there are about 85 Z8's in The Netherlands now, what means 45 imported from Germany and USA. Since 1988 I drive several and only BMW (new) cars. Since the introduction of the Z8 in The Netherlands I was very impressed about this beautifull car, and now I have my dreamcar after searching for three years!

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    Congratulations and welcome!! Great color choice too!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Very good photographs.

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    Welcome on behalf of another Dutch owner!
    Do you live in Zeeland or just coincidentally made picture there?


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    Pictures are made in Ouddorp at Sea

    In Ouddorp at Sea, we have a seccond home, we live in the city of Dordrecht.

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    And from another Dutch member a welcome too Henry.
    From what I understood (source: BMW Nederland, Rijswijk) by the year 2003 there were 96 Z8's sold in the Netherlands, and about 70 were registered at the RDW. Rest were exported (mainly to the UK) or just were not registered.

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    Welkom bij de club, misschien moeten de nederlandse Z8 rijders eens een keer bij elkaar komen.
    Tot ziens
    Z8 Ros

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    Lijkt me een goed idee!