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Thread: A New High Price At Auction For A Z8?

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    A New High Price At Auction For A Z8?

    My ex Z8 fetched 209k including premium at Bonhams.

    Is this a new high for a non alpina Z8?
    2003 Z8 Silver/Black AH62031 (Sold)

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    Red/red-black Z8 with 12 or 15,000 km fetched € 275k at Techno Classica in Essen, Germany, earlier this year.
    2001 Z8

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    Kevin, Perhaps high auction price in the US? Others have sold for more privately.

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    Again, the silver cars seem to be at the low end of the range, but I know of silver Z8s that have fetched over 200K fairly recently. My own prejudice against silver cars aside, this one presented very well. Silver over red seems to be valued higher than silver over black—again, perhaps for rarity.

    The more of these things I see, the more I believe that black-over-créma fetches a premium, as does anything in red or topaz. At this point, though, I don't believe I would let go of even a silver car for less than $200,000. I know that this figure would not get either of Party A's 401(k) cars away from her, and there would be no point trying to bargain with me instead, because I fully intend to look after both of these "assets" until am no longer breathing (and even then, you'll have to pry my cold, dead fingers from the wheel!).

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