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Thread: More news on the CS

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    More news on the CS

    I know this will get many of you excited. Not only does the CS concept hold the future for the next round of designs for BMW, beginning with the new 7, it looks like it will also be an individual model, as has been theorized. According to the link, Gerhard Richter, who currently presides over the M Division, will oversee the CS's development. This could prove very interesting for BMW fans as the M division's role (from a consumer standpoint) is one of ENHANCING the main brands products, rather than developing their own. I'm not suggesting that the CS will be an M product. However, it is interesting to consider how performance could be emphasized with Herr Richter at the helm.

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    This is great news, I would buy a CS styled BMW in a heartbeat. I really hope they will do a CS styled SL beating folding tin-top Z10 - I did hear a whisper that such a car is in the halls of consideration, fingers crossed!
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    My speculation/ wish list:
    we're looking at the 9 series- to slot in to compete with the lower end Bentleys. I doubt they will do a M7 but perhaps we will see a M9 and hopefully it will use a NA V12... btw- I think the CS looks great so long as they refine a few things like the mega grill.