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    Any advice as to insurance company(ies) for agreed upon value for Z8?



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    Larry - depends on year, condition, improvements. Make sure to get insurance for 'agreed value' You will be sorely disappointed otherwise. I used Hagerty when I was living in the US. You think it'll never happen to you but - the other day I came within a second of getting annihilated by someone running a red... dave p (Vancouver, BC)

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    One thing to watch out for. I insure both my homes, all my cars, and my motorcycle through State Farm, who has always done a good job for me. Several years ago I insured a C2 Corvette through one of the specialty car insurers, and I received a letter from State Farm advising me that they would be raising my rates on my other vehicles due to the use of the other insurer. Although I am not sure of their logic, I ended up switch the Corvette back to State Farm.


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    Hagerty would not accept my car because I would not guarantee them that I would only drive it to car shows or on the weekends. I told them that I was going to drive 2-3 thousand miles per year which they were fine with but it was where and when I would be driving it that they wouldn't insure.

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    I'm on State Farm, and have been very happy with them so far.
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