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    Like most owners, I am carrying stated value insurance on my Z8 through Grundy Worldwide. But I've been covering a lot more than the cost of the car itself figuring that the insurance should also be covering the cost of locating a car, having someone in another city check it out for me and then having it potentially shipped across the country. But I am still over insured at this point in time. I realized I never changed my policy from when I first picked up the car in 2001. I have a $156,000 limit on the policy. I think it is time to lower my premiums.

    My question is - how much stated value are you carrying? What do you think is a realistic total outlay to locate and ship a Z8 to you if you had to? And more importantly, are there that many Z8's for sale if you even wanted to purchase one? I would imagine that most owners, like me, stated in their wills that they want to be buried in their car.

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    I carry $138,000 on my 2003 Z8 Alpina which is mint and has 10,000 miles. The car is insured with Hagerty and the annual premium is $1,600 with a $1,000 deductible.

    I'd say a nice, low mileage 2001 can be purchased in the $100K-$110K range, add to that $2K transportation, $1K inspection and $6K Florida sales tax and your total is not more than $120K.

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