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Thread: I could have had a Solstice in every color...

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    I could have had a Solstice in every color...

    It was a warm day here in LA so the car came out for a drive on a few well maintained streets (no potholes). As I'm sitting at a stop light some kid in his early twenties walks up and asks if it's (the Z8) the new Pontiac Solstice. Ahhhh...bitting my tongue and politely correcting him all the while thinking about my bendable car now being mistaken for a Pontiac! I should have hit the sport button and lit the tires just to make the point, but was still to dumbfounded by the unintentional comparison. Anyone else have a funny story about the car confused asking questions about your automobile?

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    you should have said yes, its a special edition Solstice. The one with 400 hp.

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    and a trunk

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    Reminds me of the time when I pulled into a parking lot, and a woman probably in her 60's came up to me and said "What is that? I know what it is- it's one of those Bagsters!" I couldn't really convince her otherwise. At least she had the country of origin correct, if nothing else.