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    Hard top

    hello all
    The Z8 will soon arrive home least i am working hard to make this happen -
    but as it will arrive , the garage space will be reduced and the Hard top is going to be an add pain - not really for me but i am sure to collect family's feedback about this Extra ...
    i al ready have the 4 Style 166 wheels waiting .. the car is not even in the garage that i am upsetting the family member ... so the questions ::

    for people like me :
    1- have you ever seen / found a solution to hang up the hard top on a wall ? or
    2- have you ever seen hard top "lift" that would make it on the ceiling and being lower to be installed on the car

    or another solution ?

    Garage is in the house basement so may be the height is not even big enough to accomadate this but ..

    so any idea on how to better "park" the Hard top would be welcome - I know USA garage are like big but may be some one had faced this challenge
    thx for help

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    Yes, there used to be a Z8 specific custom made roof mounted electrical pulley system here in the US called EZ Lift, and a few Mercedes owners I know had a similar thing for the old Pagoda & SL560 style removable hardtops. I'd suggest searching for 'car roof hoists' online.

    Here's a shot of my old one...
    Andrew Macpherson

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    thx Andrew , good news that this company EZ lift seems still active on the web .any other solution like hanging it on a wall ? ( i fear my ceiling is not high enought o accomodate the lift ...)benoit

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    EZ lift = EZ HOISTS for your search - UK based company

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    Benoit - I found this company that makes hardtop storage systems including wall mounts even though there is not a wall mount option under the BMW Z8 section. However, they might be worth contacting to see if one of the other ones would work. I believe they are located in Germany.
    Skip Hammerman

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    Hi Musta
    i have in deed found a way to install on a wall the hard top .
    so i have know the 3 options
    the trolley
    the wall mounted
    the lift
    on this last part EAsy Hoists seems by far the bets solution from a design point of view - i beleive their solution can be used without damaging the seals, which , imho , is the case for the others solutions seen .
    they are in UK now , but from a Tax pov, it does not make any difference since UK is not out of EU .. so tax will apply ..

    will evaluate the 3 options with car inside the garage ..
    but now i am ready , THX TO ALL of you !

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    As an unconventional suggestion - you could get one of those pulley systems - e.g. hoist up the stand and hardtop against a wall? I have mine in a corner and use it to cover up my central compressor - it is a great showpiece!Patrick

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    This post gives you more info on the old one too -
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    thx to all - about the UK based company , the link here :

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