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Thread: Doug DeMuro Z8 review

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    Doug DeMuro Z8 review

    Thought this might be of interest.

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    A fun review, but a lot of factual errors. Still interesting to see his definition of the 'quirks' I find so appealing. On the other hand I never knew the glove box locked the center console, nor that the rearview alarm light would turn on/off the map lights. Oh well, I've only owned mine for 17 years...That car looked like it had had an active life!

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    I enjoyed the review. We haven't seen much press/media enthusiasm like this in a while, so it was fun to watch.

    edit: I also read all the comments. Yes, that took quite a while, so congratulations to Mr DeMuro as he is obviously closely followed by many. I'm surprised how many call the Z8 ugly, and also that many specifically call out the Honda S2000 for comparison. I guess this is a pretty young crowd making most of these comments (they are quite short, on average), which might explain the points of view.

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    I like Doug DeMuro. I read some of his pieces on Jalopnik, like when he bought an Aston Martin from CarMax and used the extended warranty for every penny's worth and more.
    He is a passionate car guy. It shines through on his videos and articles.
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    Hey - I never got my key caddy when I bought it 17 years ago!!! LOL.

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